Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Unable to Update VMware Tools for vSphere 5.5 Update 3.

This one should be easy if you have a good troubleshooting skill. When I wanted to upgrade VMware Tools from previous version to the latest version, the installation hung at " Installing VMXnet3 driver ".

I used a few methods to get it upgraded :

1) simply upgrade VMware Tools from vCentre - hung
2) downloaded VMware Tools from here
 ( ) and get it installed - hung
3) Uninstalled current VMware Tools, rebooted the machine - blue screen
4) Uninstalled current VMware Tools, without rebooting the machine, performed upgrade from vCentre - hung
5) Uninstalled current VMware Tools, without rebooting the machine, performed manual upgrade usign EXE file- hung

So this made me thinking, the issue might not due to the installer ( as I tried from vCentre level as well as manual installation), but due to VM itself, as it hung at exact status (Installing VMXnet3 driver).

When I checked the VM, yes, it was using VMXNET3 driver for the vNIC. It was not too hard to narrow down, huh?

The journey started. I added another vNIC, but in this case I used E1000 type rather than VMXNET3.

Once done, I removed current vNIC.

As I used PVS, I needed to update MAC address for the target device (cool, huh?)

And without too much hassle, I managed to upgrade VMware Tools!

I did not restart the VM, but I turned it off completely.

Next, I added back vNIC with VMXNET3 type.

Update MAC address in PVS console, and get the VM started.

Tam tada dam! VMware Tools is now current!

Location: Auckland, New Zealand


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